Let Joy be unconfined


Joy McCracken has broken all ties with her life in New York and a well-paid job with a fashion magazine. She hasn’t come to terms with the crib death of her four-month-old son and continues to hold herself responsible, despite the efforts of her psychiatrist to convince her otherwise. 


It’s July 1998 and Joy is making a pilgrimage in Northern Ireland, the country of her ancestors. She’s following in the footsteps of her namesake, Henry Joy McCracken, who led a revolt here two hundred years before. 


Her journey takes her along the eastern coastline and brings her into contact with a number of people, from the genuinely pleasant to the decidedly odd. Joy McCracken’s goal seems at first glance a morbid one -- she plans suicide. She sees this as a release from the demons that pursue her.


With death approaching, Joy has never felt so much alive. Against a backdrop of civil unrest -- events which touch Joy only marginally, if at all -- she discovers a world that lies between past and present.


It’s a twilight world peopled by restless ghosts -- many of her own making.


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