More true-life murder

in Ireland


There is a woman who slew her husband with the Christmas present she'd given him, a grandmother who enthusiastically assisted in the murder of her own granddaughter, and, a woman who helped her lover brutally slaughter her husband.


David M. Kiely, author of the bestseller Bloody Women: Ireland's Female Killers, returns with a new collection of cases from north and south of the border. Spanning more than a century, Deadlier than the Male offers a startling and compelling look at the circumstances that drove sixteen Irish women to murder.


Many were pushed to the brink by abusive partners, others entered a deadly love triangle. Still others chose the way of murder to further their own selfish ends.


Deadlier than the Male is a perfect sequel to Bloody Women. Grippingly written, these stories tell of moments of madness, panic and evil. 


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