True-life murder

in Ireland


First published in 1999, Bloody Women was a runaway success. The book tells the stories of seventeen Irish murders, all committed by women. Some are notorious, some less well known: all reveal that the dark forces which drive men to murder are fully shared by women.


Murder by a female hand can be just as brutal as by a man's. Bloody Women contains drownings, shootings stabbing and savage clubbings - as well as highlighting the ingenious methods by which some of Ireland's female killers disposed of their victims' corpses.


Here are women who murdered their lovers; or who murdered relations in dispute over land and inheritance; here is Mamie Cadden, the Hume Street abortionist; Jane O'Brien from County Wexford who shot her own nephew in order to get possession of a farm; and Hannah O'Leary who killed and dismembered one of her elder brothers in County Cork.


With murder sites from London to Donegal, from Down to Limerick, Bloody Women is a chilling and unforgettable read.


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