What if...


Baron Livingstone and the King of Manhattan is a time-travel story with a difference.  

It's a journey to a parallel universe, undertaken by two New Yorkers. Firmly rooted in science, it also explores several questions relating to our place in the universe, to the afterlife, and to the Divine. 

The novel is an imagining of Vinland, the territory that could have developed had Leif Erikson, the Viking, and his people chosen to remain in the America they discovered in about  AD 1002. 
Manhattan is Vinland's power center. The territory has retained place names given by the Native Americans, just as today we have Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ottawa, Alabama, Minnesota, and so many others. Its counties are ruled by dukes, lords . . . and barons. 


Baron Livingstone and the King of Manhattan is a heady mix of science, history, myth, and magic that will appeal to young adults and mature readers alike.


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